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View on King Size Bed

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Start of the Fairytale Quilt

Dress on Goodwill Site

I spent the evening searching looking for the wedding dress that spoke to me. As I looked I wondered how these dresses spoke to the hopes and dreams of their former owners. Sadly, I wondered what happened to those hopes and dreams for the dress to end up on a thrift store web site. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Arrival of the Fairytale Dress

Fairytale Dress Unpacked

Shipping Box

The dress arrived amid the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holiday. Even with everything going on, our guests for the holiday took pause when they saw it emerge from its box. What happened that such a beautiful gown ended up on the thrift store web-site? The gown is the Fairytale dress, with a long train, lace and pearl beading. It is the dress you picture when you dream of Cinderella. Sadly, the woman who wore it must not have found her happily ever after for it to have ended up here.


Early 2012

The Quilt takes Shape

Dress BackFront view of dress

Its hard to work on the Fairytale Quilt without thinking of the dashed hopes and dreams of the woman who wore it. Sketches are made only to be changed as the dress dictates its new form.

Original Stitching

Stitch DetailLace Detail

Fall 2012

The finishing touches fall into place. the project required a lot more hand beading than I expected, but the results are amazing. The Fairytale Quilt still shows its roots: the bustle hoops, the waistline curve ... The Fairytale Dress choose its form. The original design, a more traditional quilt: cut pieced together and hand tied is not the path she took. Instead hours of moving and piecing beading to balance the Fairytale Quilt were required. On a mattress, she is stunning. Unexpectedly, as a wall hanging she has a slightly eerie quality. Fitting since when I am not sewing, I own a pumpkin patch.


Hanging Center View

The Fairytale Quilt is a king/queen oversize quilt. She would make a stunning wall hanging. Made from a vintage 1980s wedding gown, constructed of white satin, pearls, beads and sequins. If she is folded so the beading is inside, you can wash the Fairytale Quilt on the delciate cycle with the gentle spin in a front load washer. Layout to dry on a bed or hang. The Fairytale Quilt can be steamed to remove wrinkles. The Fairytale Quilt is backed with 600 count white cotton sheeting.

Upper Left Beading DetailLeft Flounce

Left View on King Size BedRight View King Size Bed

Top View


$750.00 USD

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I look forward to doing business with you.